Humans think in images.

Our brains actually understand images faster, and remember images longer, than words.

Your image choices are fundamental to communicating the significance of your work.

Happily, scientific endeavors offer countless opportunities to visually and creatively share what is fascinating about the world with others.

Artful SciComm exists to help you explore these possibilities and identify the ones that will be valuable for your own SciComm efforts. 


Examples of the kind of professional development & consulting support you can expect from Artful Scicomm: 

  • Present: Enhance your (or your lab or department’s) capacity to produce more compelling conference posters and presentations.
  • Reach Out through Images: Learn to create your own polished visuals for an education/outreach project.
  • Artfully Educate: Discover how to engage students more deeply in learning through observational drawing experiences.
  • Collaborate & Commission: Connect with artists, illustrators, photographers, exhibit developers, science visualization specialists, science writers/editors, and curriculum/education experts to identify a team specially suited to your project.
  • Write Artfully: Probe the range of literary-arts-informed SciComm projects you can develop or enhance. In this broad context, I take an image to mean both visual representations and written/verbal depictions. Poetics, editorial support, and story arcs are just a few of the literary tools which can inform and elevate SciComm.

Have a project idea or training concept you’d like to discuss?

I founded Artful SciComm because I am committed to enhancing science communication, education, and research efforts through art-science integration. I can’t wait to hear about your project and brainstorm how we can collaborate.

Contact me today to get the ball rolling!

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