SciArt: How do I get into a career like yours?

What would you say to someone who asked you how to go about making your own career goals a reality for themself?

Is there a SciArt career road map?
Is there a SciArt career road map?

I’ve been pondering that question since the ‘Sketching for Scientists’ course I recently taught for the faculty at Harvard Forest. For a sense of context, that session was a highlight among the many SciArt workshops and classes I have taught in the past few years, for a few specific reasons.

  1. The participants – researchers, grad students, technicians, communicators, and policy-oriented folks – were one of the most fun and engaged groups I’ve worked with in a long time.
  2. We had extremely lively discussions about the role of visualization in their professional work, in science and SciComm in general, and similarly thought-provoking discussion about drawing and photography as complimentary (or not) tools.
  3. Our concluding discussion led to invaluable insights regarding professional applicability of the material I shared and how I can tweak it for future sessions with researchers.

Following the session, I received an email from a grad student who had been in the course.

I was asked a deeply nuanced set of questions about how to engage in SciArt in a way that effectively incorporates science, art, and education.

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Upcoming courses at Harvard Forest, the Glacier Institute & more!

2013_bison summer sketches (1)_clean_robins_wmI’m absolutely delighted to introduce three courses I’ll be offering in 2015! Keep reading for info on these full-day sessions in Glacier National Park (MT) and Harvard Forest (MA). I also have a handful of workshops and classes in the planning phase, and if you’re looking for a teaching artist or artist-in-residence, feel free to get in touch! Continue reading Upcoming courses at Harvard Forest, the Glacier Institute & more!

Resources: Sketching, learning by drawing, and more

Des bateaus et Bassin Louise (10.13.2012)_factory & dry dock_c_sig_rsCross-posted at Advancing EcoComm

*This list is dynamic, and in-development. Feel free to make suggestions (use the comments section or contact me directly) re additional resources and great examples that should be included.



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Drawn to Science & Sustainability workshop (Oct. 28)

I am really excited about this workshop – it’s taking the ‘Artful Science’ workshops I’ve been leading to a new level, by introducing and addressing the question of how to use drawing for professional work in sustainability design.

Please note: This is a late-breaking workshop, and is primarily for students at Chatham University. However, anyone in Pittsburgh, PA who is available and interested is welcome to join us.

Sketches of Mount Olympus cabinet of curiosities

Drawn to Science & Sustainability: a crash course in sketching and hand‐drafting tricks, tips, and techniques

Whether you are a trained scientist, a science educator, or a sustainability professional, you can enhance your work with a strong foundation in basic sketching techniques. This fast-paced, hands-on workshop will help you develop urban and/or nature sketching habits, visual note taking skills, and systems mapping tools. Join us as we look back at the historical connections between art and science and look forward to the usefulness of sketching for modern science and sustainability initiatives. Continue reading Drawn to Science & Sustainability workshop (Oct. 28)